Journal entry by Emily Thielman — Jan 11, 2019

We completed our 12th round of chemo this week after repeating our scheduled MRI, CAT scan, and PET scan.  Throughout the course of Isaiah’s treatment there are built in weeks where  routine scans are done to measure the size of the tumor and to see if the cancer has spread.  We received news that the cancer has not spread and the tumor is getting smaller.  We are so relieved and grateful to know that the cancer is slowly dying as Isaiah continues to grow and develop.  He was a real trooper and went 8 hours with nothing to eat or drink.  He even had a few smiles left for us at the end of those 8 long hours and came out anesthesia without any complications.

Our next step is to see what the plans are for going to St. Jude’s in Memphis.  We are waiting for the staff at St. Jude’s to see these new scans and move forward with plans for radiation.  It is likely that we will be heading to Memphis in about 7-8 weeks.

Isaiah continues to laugh, play, and work hard at grabbing his feet in an attempt to roll over.  He has been transitioning to new formula as well as we discovered he had a milk intolerance that he will likely grow out of but was causing him some GI discomfort and bleeding.  Please continue to pray that he will grow and gain weight.  He is still eating well and we have not had to use his feeding tube at all up to this point.

We also ask for prayers as we look to transition to living in Memphis for 2 months.  We do not know all of what that will entail, but we are starting to plan for what we need to do to get there and what we need to do to leave our apartment here, etc.

We ask that you would keep all of us in your prayers as we know you do.  Each member of our little family of 3 is uniquely different in how we endure this season of life.  We ask that you would pray for Jonathan and me as well as Isaiah.

You are ever in our thoughts as we know we are in yours.