“Be the change.”

“Make good things happen.”

“One person can do so much.”

“She believed she could so she did…”

“You have the power to change the world.”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

“If you can’t feed one hundred, if you can’t feed fifty, if you can’t feed ten, FEED ONE.”

We see these quotes all over the internet, in the books we read and on our apparel (check out our shop for some inspiration). We are constantly encouraging our friends to “make a difference” and often times feel like we aren’t “doing enough.” We see all the big organizations and celebrities doing their part and we wonder how ours could ever matter.

But it does. Your part matters.

What is a world changer? It doesn’t have to be big fancy stuff. World changers are people that make life better for others. They don’t have to be people with big ideas or crusades led by celebrities. In many cases, a world changer is just the opposite. World changers see a need and decide to do something about it. They are people who make a difference for one person, even if just for one moment. They are giving a voice to those that don’t have one.

So what’s your cause? What tugs at your heart that won’t let go? What need do you see that you can do something about? Who is the one person in your life you could make a difference for?

You have it in you. You. Just as you are. You can be a world changer. You are a world changer.

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Jessie Lowe is a contributing author to One Mission Fundraising. Jessie is a Believer, Mama, Truth Teller, Yoga Teacher, Community Builder.