You guys are all amazing! You’ve been faithfully praying and generously shopping and donating all in support of Jim. Thank you!

It’s been quite a week! There have been some pretty scary moments. Jim battled seizures for a while, and as you were last updated he had been transferred back to ICU. He’s struggled to eat, to drink, and to even speak at times. His heart rate skyrocketed and sent him into A-fib, and the family has been on their knees begging and pleading with the Lord for healing and a return to “normal life.” And now here we are.

Yesterday was a GOOD day! Jim is eating and drinking. He’s speaking with his strong voice, and he even laughed with two of his boys! What a sweet, sweet sound! (Thanks, Tim and Jacob, for that laugh. 😉) His family is feeling encouraged again after yesterday. Hopefully and prayerfully, the plan is that early this week (possibly even tomorrow) Jim will be transferred to St. Luke’s Acute Rehabilitation.

So please keep praying! If you feel led, check out his fund. Feel free to shop for some really cool gear, with 40% of every purchase being donated, or you can just donate to help Jim with all of his out of pocket medical costs. Remember, the family even designed a cool t-shirt that you can purchase to wear to remind you to pray for Jim. You guys are making a difference!