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Frequently Asked Questions

So, how does this all work?

Answer: One Mission is a fundraising company dedicated to helping the best causes raise the money they need to carry out their important missions. We combine online crowdfunding (zero platform fee) with high-impact product fundraising to maximize dollars raised and kept. Plus, we make it easy to start a fundraiser and provide personal support to all of our fundraisers.
Fundraisers simply create a profile on our website and then share that profile with all of their friends, family, associates, donors, etc. Those people then visit the fundraisers’ profile and donate cash and/or buy products. It’s really pretty simple.

How much does the fundraiser make on product purchases?

Answer: The fundraiser gets 40% of all products sold through One Mission. Yep, that’s right, 40%. So, when a supporter purchases a $25 tee shirt or soy candle, the fundraiser gets $10.

What are the fees for purchases and donations?

Answer: We offer the lowest fees in the business….really we do.

Supporters of fundraisers aren’t charged anything beyond what they donate or purchase. They don’t have to set up an account (although they can). Supporters just donate cash and/or purchase great products.

For fundraisers, we don’t charge setup fees, monthly fees, withdrawal fees, or anything like that. We also don’t charge a platform fee, so the only fee associated with cash donations and product purchases is a 2.9% plus $0.30 fee for all transactions. Learn more about these amazingly low fees here >>

What kind of products does One Mission have available?

Answer: We’ve worked very hard to offer products that people will really enjoy and actually use for an extended period of time. All of our products are made in the US and are of the highest quality we can possibly produce. No junk or junk food! We also try to inspire people and bring joy to the users of our products. You can learn more about our products here »
Our products include:

Are there any restrictions for the location of shoppers and fundraisers?

Answer: Yes, we only work with fundraisers based in the U.S. The fundraiser can certainly do its work in another country, but we do require that the organizer or organization of the fundraiser be a resident of the United States. Also, we restrict sales of our products to U.S.-based customers only. Maybe (hopefully) someday we’ll expand outside of the U.S.



Fundraiser Questions

What can I raise money for?

Answer: Pretty much any good cause. However, we do reserve the right to approve or deny any prospective fundraiser at our sole discretion. We welcome individuals doing a mission trip, a local sports team organized by parents, churches, schools, adoptive parents, communities, as well as small and large non-profit organizations. As long as you are doing something good for the world we are very likely to approve your fundraiser.

How do I sign up as a fundraiser?

Answer: The first step is to complete the fundraiser registration form. We will then review your completed application and determine the fit with our company and systems. Then, we will activate your account and you are ready to go.

How do I get the proceeds?

Answer: Within 15 days from the end of each month, we send a physical check to each fund that raised money during the prior month.

Is it free to create a fundraiser?

Answer: Yes, it’s totally free to create a fundraiser account. Our fees are the lowest in the business. Learn more >>

How long is my Fundraiser listed on the site?

Answer: We allow fundraisers to select from two different duration options; either a certain period or a continuous fundraiser. A certain period fundraiser works great for individuals and groups that need to raise a certain amount of money by a certain time. The continuous option works great for non-profit organizations or fundraising groups that need a constant source of funding.

Can my fundraiser offer customized products?

Answer: Yes! Custom t-shirts are our most common custom product…and they can really work well.  One Mission is happy to let you borrow our talented design team to help you design a custom t-shirt that your supporters will really love.   There is a one-time, upfront design charge of $100 per color (one design can be used on multiple products: a white logo may look good on grey, black, and purple short and/or long sleeve shirts, for example).  Once the items are created, you have no inventory to buy, ship, or manage.  We take care of all of that for you.  Any custom products that you create with One Mission will be displayed directly on your fundraiser profile page.  Learn  more >>

Is it easy to promote my fundraiser?

Answer: Yes, but the more effort you put into the fundraiser, the more you will benefit. We provide great social sharing tools and are super happy to offer advice and ideas, but it’s really up to you. The more you do, the more you raise.

How will I manage my fundraiser?

Answer: Log into your account, all the tools are literally at your fingertips.

Do I know who donates and buys?

Answer: Yes, you can see all the sales and donations in the dashboard area, under the Campaign Performance tab.

Can I send donors a thank you note?

Answer: Sure you can, and you should. You can do it two ways. First, we allow you to customize the receipt with a “thank you” message. Also, you can get the names and addresses of purchasers from the donation area of the dashboard.

Can I raise money for someone else?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, we do ask that you be very specific in your fundraiser description indicating that you are raising money for another person. Be specific also about how and when you will deliver the proceeds to the final beneficiary.

Who will donate to my fundraiser?

Answer: Who are your friends, family, co-workers, friends of friends, friends of family, social media followers/friends, etc? These are the people that will shop for and donate to your fundraiser. But, you have to get the word out. Send emails, post it on social media, make announcements at church, shout it from rooftops. The more you do to promote the fundraiser, the more you will benefit.

How do I make my fundraiser successful?

Answer: Promote the heck out of it. But don’t worry, we’ll personally support you all the way. See the question above for more ideas.

Can I view who purchased and donated?

Answer: Yes, it’s available in the fundraiser administration area, under the Campaign Performance tab.

Do I have to be a non-profit to use the site?

Answer: Definitely not. We’ve tried to make One Mission usable by any individual or group that is out there trying to change the world for the better. We’re perfect for individual missionaries, adoptive parents — pretty much anyone. That’s what makes us really great.

How do I track the results of my fundraisers?

Answer: All the data you’ll need to track your fundraisers’ performance is available in the fundraiser administration dashboard.

Can I customize the thank you note receipt?

Answer: Absolutely, it’s fully customizable in the administrative dashboard.

Will I have to pay taxes on the money I/we raise?

Answer: For tax exempt organizations such as schools, non-profits, churches, etc. donations received through fundraising are not considered taxable income. For individuals and groups doing fundraising, donations are typically considered personal gifts and are not taxable income. But, every situation is different and we cannot provide specific tax advice, so please consult a qualified tax professional for guidance.

What about fundraiser accountability?

Answer: We expect, and fundraisers are required to agree, that fundraisers utilize the money they raise through One Mission in a manner consistent with the project described in their profile. However, we cannot guarantee the authenticity and honesty of all fundraisers. So, please use caution and support only fundraisers that you personally know and trust. For more information on a fundraiser, it’s always a good idea to check out the group’s social networking/media link on their profile page.


Shopper Questions

Are shoppers’ purchases and cash donations tax-deductible?

Answer: That depends on the type of group you are supporting. Donations supporting individuals or groups that are not tax exempt organizations are definitely not tax deductible. On the other hand, cash donations and the 40% donated amount from product purchases that benefit tax exempt organizations such as non-profits, schools, churches, etc, are generally tax deductible. If your purchases and donations benefited a tax exempt organization then a note stating “The Donated Total qualifies as a year-end charitable contribution” will be added to the purchase receipt. This will act as your donation receipt, so keep it for your records. With all that stated, every situation is different and we cannot give you definitive tax advice and encourage you to talk with a tax professional about all tax-related matters.

Is it safe to shop on the website?

Answer: Yes. We use appropriate security safeguards to protect your personal information against loss, theft, and unauthorized access. Any personal information you provide through One Mission’s website is exchanged on a secure server. We use an advanced security system, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, to encrypt, or encode, information you send to us in the order process. The encryption process protects information, such as your credit card number, and billing and shipping information by scrambling it before it is sent from your computer. Only once we receive your information is it decoded, and we make all reasonable efforts to ensure its security on our own systems. Please take a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for more information.

What if I benefitted the General Fund when I actually meant to benefit a specific fundraiser?

Answer: No problem, if you benefitted the General Fund when you really meant to benefit a specific fundraiser, just send us an email (, within 24 hours of the transaction, and let us know and we’ll be happy to adjust the transaction to benefit your desired fundraiser.

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