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One Mission Impact – Haight’s Home for Haiti

Mission Trip Fundraising 

#worldchangers for a family in Haiti

It takes just one thought, by one person, to do just one thing, for one family in need. And I tell you what… it’s a pretty darn cool thing when, unexpectedly, some come forward and say ‘yes, sign me up to go with you and help’ and when others buy into the vision and say ‘yes, let me donate to your cause.’  And then suddenly, all these world changers are coming together to *do something* to make this vision happen.  5 men went to build (individually covering their own costs to get there and stay there), but over a hundred people donated (for all the materials and the hiring of Haitian laborers needed for building).  Each person, a world changer for this family. Each. And Every. Person.

And guess what happens then?  A family… a single mother with 7 of her own children in her care and 1 other child that she’s just taken in because no one else would, gets a sturdy home of her own, for the first time in her life.

We’ve heard stories from this mama.  Stories about moving place to place, mostly because they couldn’t pay the rent and were forced out.  One child remembers a

The family's home since 2013
The family’s home since 2013

landlord kicking them out of one of the homes in the middle of the night, and he remembers that it wasn’t very comfortable sleeping on the rocky hill where they settled until the morning light arrived.  Can you even imagine?

In 2013, this mama was able to acquire some land of her own, with the help of a friend.  They built a tarp-walled structure with a tin roof that has served as their home for the past several years.  Of course, there is no electricity, no plumbing. In fact, in order to get water, the young children have to walk with 5 gallon buckets down to the river, which is quite the jaunt.  It really makes you appreciate your kitchen sink, and toilet… and shower, doesn’t it?

Anyway… thanks to this mission crew and thanks to ALL OF YOU who purchased products through One Mission, choosing to give 40% of your purchases to THIS CAUSE, and all those of you who gave cash donations, this family now has a brand new, cinder-block home.  It’s solid, it’s secure, it’s a safe place to live.  Six beds were made, mattresses were purchased, sheets and bedding were donated and brought down in suitcases, and these kids were able to sleep in beds for the first time in their young lifetimes.

The New Home - January 2017
The New Home – January 2017

And here it is… their new home.  We love that we are able to partner with people doing such great work and get to witness so many people stepping forward to say ‘YES, I will contribute.’  So many of YOU did this.  So many of YOU made this happen.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU… for making such a difference in the life of this family.  You are a world-changer – don’t you ever forget it!

Much love to you all!

Signature Photo


Amanda + The One Mission Team

PS – Just in case you’d like to take a look and learn more about this One Mission Fund, please click here.



One Mission Impact – Community Health Initiative

community health initiative

 #WorldChangers in HAITI

 What worked for them: Non-Profit Fundraising

Meet Community Health Initiative. This program is an ongoing, non profit organization, led by project leader Chris Buresh,  that is committed and focused on improving the quality of life- especially the quality of medical care- in the rural communities throughout Haiti. Recently they have started a new recycling center, latrines, and a water treatment center, providing jobs, education, and safe and sanitary resources for community members. If that’s not world-changing work, I don’t know what is!

CHI is using their One Mission Fund as a supplemental way to raise funds for their cause. They are working steadily at achieving their goal, and they are doing great!

Keys to success:

  1. They offered TWO custom T-shirts, made in house at One Mission of course.  (Sold out of both designs) – What better gift to give than a great, comfy T-shirt, from which quite a large portion proceeds (40% to be exact) go directly to better the lives of others.

  2. They promote creatively and WELL, especially around the holidays. A tip from Chris and his team for a successful fund such as theirs? “Just promote it a lot. Get it out in front of people!”

CHI is all about the gift of giving- giving better medical attention, sustainable solutions, and community projects- that change the lives of so many people in need. This group and all of its members who are committed to missions and to helping are truly incredible!  Have you ever thought about going on a mission trip to Haiti?  CHI just might be your group to travel with.  Several people who have gone on mission trips with CHI have also set up One Mission Funds for their trips and have had success.  We can help you, too!  To set up your own One Mission Fund, click here.

To learn more about the efforts behind Community Health Initiative, please check out their fund page: One Mission Fund – Until the Work Is Done (Named this because they will continue going to Haiti… until the work is done). Pretty cool work, eh?


My Word for 2017: GRACE

Grace Upon Grace - Womens Tee - Athletic Blue


Do you have a word for 2017?

I do. It’s GRACE.

Adding two teenage boys to an already established household of 6 (only just 5 1/2 months ago), we have realized, provides quite a few challenges and requires a great big dose of patience and GRACE. Don’t get me wrong, though… bringing these boys into our family has been beautiful and wonderful, and I am fully aware that it was only by the GRACE of God that they are home. I am forever grateful. They really are a true gift to our family.

But, the reality is that eight of us now share our space and our things. Eight of us are learning to be consciously respectful of each

life has changed dramatically, for all of us, and that there are times when moods take over, sometimes for no reason at all, and we have to learn not to take things personally.  Eight of us are learning to love more, especially when things are the hardest.  It’s a lot of hard work… and it takes a lot of GRACE. GRACE for those around us, GRACE for ourselves, and knowing and keeping close at heart John 1:16 – “For from HIS fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”

So… what’s a great way to literally keep this message close to heart?  Wear it!  🙂  I’m really excited to share this new message with you.  And 40% of each purchase goes towards helping someone else.  I love that.

Get yours here: https://onemission.fund/product-category/apparel-by-message/grace-upon-grace-apparel/

Signature PhotoAll my very best,


7 Reasons One Mission is the best fundraising platform for YOU

7 Reasons One Mission is the best fundraising platform for you

Why  is One Mission the best fundraising platform out there?

Are you in the middle of figuring out how to raise the funds you need for your cause? Oh man. We have been there and there are so many choices! That’s why we created the best-ever way to raise funds with One Mission.  We want to make your research easier – here are seven reasons to choose One Mission to help you change the world. 7 Reasons One Mission is the best fundraising platform for you

  1. Crowdfunding and Product Fundraising together make a powerful combination.

Online crowdfunding (free of platform fees) and exceptional, inventory-free product fundraising. Your cause gets the best of both worlds. You get the benefit of cash donations (again, free of platform fees!) and the products for people to purchase in support of your cause. Your fundraiser can work for both types of supporters – the purchasers and the donors alike!

  1. We have the lowest fees in the business.

Out of all the fundraising sites out there, we charge the lowest platform fee – seriously 0% as opposed to industry standard of 5%.  Our set up fee is $0. Our monthly fee is $0. Our withdrawal fee is $0. Who can compete with that? More money for your cause. Correction: all the money for your cause.

  1. We make products that sell and matter.

One Mission products are things people love, gift, and use every day.  Say goodbye to the difficulty of selling another food product or trinket that nobody wanted in the first place.  Our products are made in the USA and held to the absolute highest standards of quality and sustainability. And what is not made in the USA, is made by our partner artisans in Haiti. You are creating jobs and supporting good work made by great people.  Your purchases are good for everybody… including the planet.

  1. Your cause keeps 40% of EVERY product purchase.

When you sell product, your cause keeps 40 cents of every dollar, $40 of every hundred, $4k of every $10k, etc. You get the point. When someone shops for your fundraiser, you get 40% of their purchase price. $10 on every $25  candle for example.  PLUS, guess what? You save time and money by never having to invest in inventory or mess with delivering products to your supporter – we do that for you!

  1. Create a fundraiser that works for YOUR cause.

That’s right. Our platform is fully customizable.  Set a timeline for your campaign or create an ongoing fundraiser. Take your cause offline.  One Mission fundraisers are flexible, designed to fit your unique needs.  We work for individuals, small groups, large groups, and even non-profit organizations.  Your cause is never to small (or too big!) for us.  We do custom apparel with your designs (or design for you!).  We work to make a fundraiser that works for YOU.

  1. We keep a general fund that bumps up the benefits!

Because our products are so awesome (see #3), we have customers that keep coming back for more.  When shoppers don’t pick a cause, 40% of their purchase goes straight to the general fund, which is divided at the end of the month and distributed to every active fundraiser (your cause TOO!).  Our general fund is generally awesome, and basically like free money.

  1. Raising money with One Mission is easy.

We keep it simple and straightforward.  You don’t mess with inventory because people buy online. No guesswork, no major upfront investment, and no sweating over unsold product. You don’t deliver because we ship it directly to your supporter.  You get to do what you do best – champion your cause!

One Mission Fundraising is hands-down the best fundraising platform for you on the market. We may be biased, but we are very serious about that statement.  Need more assurance?  Take a look at all the funds we are working with (Click the ‘Find a Find’ tab on our website menu bar.) Or, Click Here. Be inspired by world changers (big and small) and partner with us to make the world a better place.

Have questions?  Contact us: info@onemissionfundraising.com or by phone: 319-895-4072.





6 becomes 8 (And 8 is pretty great)

Homecoming Photo from Matt Thede

Homecoming Photo from Matt ThedeOur. Boys. Are. Home. It’s been a journey, and not a particularly easy one. Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to all of you who have been following our story, praying and/or providing encouraging words as the days (and years) went by. We have felt (and are still feelin’) the love!

Very briefly, this is an adoption summary of the last 4 years.

July 2012 – John goes to Haiti, meets two crazy-adorable Haitian boys.

August 2012 – We look into adopting these boys. We are told ‘This won’t be easy and it might not even be possible.’ (Possible Schmossible!)

September 2012 – I start working on our dossier (adoption paperwork) because I have this little thing called ‘Mother’s Instinct’ that I have really learned to trust over the years.

April 2013 – Just 3 weeks after John’s dad passes away (maybe he had a hand in this?), we get word that we CAN adopt our two boys. God moments everywhere… Starting to realize that ‘Mother’s Instinct’ is really just one of the ways that He uses to guide me.

June 2013 – After getting our dossier completed in record time (seriously… RECORD time!), John and I travel to Haiti and hand-deliver ALL. THAT. PAPERWORK. Whew. And…. I meet the boys for the first time. Love at first sight. Gosh, I’ll never, ever forget that moment.

June 2013: Hey – this trip home from Haiti  is where the concept behind One Mission popped into our heads.

September 2013: John sells his business and we work on One Mission full time. I mean really… why not start a business in the middle of a complicated adoption?

January 2014 – Our paperwork is finally submitted to IBESR (Haitian Social Services). Don’t even ask why that look so long. No clue. Adoptive families call this the ‘black hole’ of the process because you just never know how long you’ll be stuck in this office. *Took our two girls to Haiti to meet the boys.

April 2014 – I travel to Haiti to visit the boys with my friend Pam, another adoptive mama who I met on Facebook. *Learned that the other adoptive mamas on this journey are LIFE SAVERS and will become life-long friends.

The rest of 2014:  We wait… because we are told that our official referral will come very soon, which means we have to go to Haiti for our mandatory 15 day trip.  We waited… and waited some more. (But hey – July 2014 we officially launch our website: www.onemission.fund)

February 2015:  Another friend, Christina, is visiting her boys at the crèche. (Her boys are our boys’ roommates). Mama-to-Mama, she lets me know that our boys are really needing us to come. I spend the day in tears and book immediate tickets leaving the next week. Still no referral, but off we go. It was a long overdue visit… but like I said, we kept thinking that referral would be coming.

May 2015: Woo! Hoo! We got our referral… It was right as school was nearing an end. We didn’t want to miss Annie’s 8th grade graduation, so we waited until the first week of June to travel to Haiti.

June 2015: Haiti bound – 15 days! We took our two youngest boys. They were rock stars.

August 2015:  I go visit the boys with my friend Pam, again. *The boys are getting older, the process is taking way longer than any of us ever dreamed, and I can so easily SEE and FEEL the need for at least one of us to keep visiting every few months.  It keeps us connected, it strengthens our bond, it helps them to keep the hope that we WILL bring them home one day.

September 2015:  We exit IBESR. Whew…. That only took 20 months… 20 MONTHS. That should be considered a crime, really. I am quite certain much of that time our paperwork sat on desks, collecting dust. *Renewed hope now, though… because the process gets much more ‘predictable’, they tell us.

November 2015: I go again to see our boys, this time with Pam and Monica, yet another adoptive mama.

January 2016: Hey guess what? My parents AND my brother want to go to Haiti… so I take them with me! SO wonderful to share Haiti (and our very special boys) with them.

March 2016: We should be getting close to Homecoming Day, but we are stuck in the court system. My friends Pam and Christina are wanting to go visit their kids this month…. So, we make it work and I spend Easter in Haiti with the boys.

May 2016: Boys passports are printed (after a lot of other complicated court system stuff). It was supposed to take 1 week, but it took 6.  This is Haiti.

July 15, 2016:  Nelson’s 15th birthday.  It’s a Friday.  At 4:58pm, I hit ‘send/receive’ on my email just ONE MORE TIME before the weekend.  FINAL USCIS approval delivered right to my inbox! Happy tears!

July 22, 2016: Visa Interview for both boys.  We make arrangements to fly to Haiti to arrive that next Monday!  Eeeeeeek!  This is so real, and we are SO excited… and yes, I’m freaking out a bit.

July 28, 2016: Exit letter in the hands of our Haitian agency representative. (Emmanuel, you ‘da MAN!)

July 29th, 2016:  Nelson and Jackson fly home with us and become U.S. Citizens.  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t so brief?

Anyway… if you’ve been wondering why there have been almost zero One Mission social media posts this past month… Well, it’s because I do most of those.  And… I’ve been a lot preoccupied nurturing two not-so-little hearts, nurturing 4 other little (and some not-so-little) hearts who have been with us since birth, integrating the 2 with our 4 children at home, showing them the ropes, teaching them how to make scrambled eggs and trying to break the habit of putting sugar in their milk, getting them settled, shopping for things they need, getting them registered for school, introducing them to friends, going on bike rides, visiting the doctor, and the dentist, doing about 84 gazillion loads of laundry and maybe 43 gazillion trips to the grocery store, and really just LOVING. THEM. TO. PIECES.

It’s GOOD.  It’s really, really good.  Is it challenging?  Absolutely, positively YES. Do John and I lay in bed and night and think ‘OH. MY. WORD… Are we qualified for this?’ Yes, we do that sometimes… But through it all, how it all came to be, we look at all six of these precious ‘Littles’ and are immediately and constantly reminded of GOD’S CREATIVE BRILLIANCE in bringing us all together, under one roof, as one, big, (a-bit-loud), colorful family.

HE is Good.

All my very best,


PS: If you’re interested in seeing the SUPER COOL video our good friend, Matt Thede, made for us from Homecoming Day, click here:

BRAVE – New Designs

Home Of The Brave, Women's Military Green V-Neck

We must be in a very “Brave” mood these days or maybe we’re feeling like we need to feel a little braver. Whatever the case, we’re really excited about the 3 great new “Brave” themed designs we’ve recently launched. Check them out.

Home of the Brave

Patriotic Tee! We sure feel fortunate living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  How ’bout you?

We added a NEW COLOR in our unisex and women’s cut tees (are you lovin’ the vintage red as much as we are?) – AND – we also added a NEW STYLE – women’s cut V-necks!  You asked, we listened!  Not only a new style, but the V-necks come in TWO NEW COLORS, Military Green and Vintage Navy).

Shop Home of the Brave Apparel

Land of the Free Home of the Brave Apparel
Land of the Free Home of the Brave

Home Of The Brave, Women's Vintage Red T-Shirt
Home Of The Brave, Vintage Red

Home Of The Brave, Women's Military Green V-Neck
Home Of The Brave, V-Neck

Be You Bravely - Womens Tee - Athletic Blue
Be You Bravely

Be you bravely

You are the only person in this great big, whole ENTIRE world who is uniquely, wonderfully and beautifully YOU.  So go ahead, be YOU, bravely, boldly, un-apologetically YOU.

Shop Be You Bravely Apparel

Be Brave - Womens Tee - Evergreen
Be Brave

Be Brave

Brave can mean so many things.  Yes, sometimes it comes in the form of a big, bold YES, but often it’s also the COURAGE to be able to say NO when that voice inside you says that somethings not quite right. Brave people listen closely and trust that voice inside.

Shop Be Brave Apparel

When I Wait, You Strengthen my Heart – Psalm 27:14

Haiti Adoption Journey Passports

Oh man, they had an EARLY morning!! I bet they left the creche at 6am for this passport finger-printing appointment. THOSE SHIRTS, though!
Oh man, they had an EARLY morning!! I bet they left the creche at 6am for this passport finger-printing appointment. THOSE SHIRTS, though!

Hello One Mission Friends!

Just wanted to write today and fill you in on our adoption progress.  The boys’ passports have been applied for!! I’m so happy about this I can hardly stand it. Today, they went into the office to get finger-printed. This is getting so real. And to be honest, I’m having a hard time concentrating. I’m a little jittery (okay… probably doesn’t help that I’m on my third cup of coffee), my mind is racing about all that I need to do.

Oh my gosh, the food prep. I’m going to need to get out of the rut of thinking cereal and peanut butter sandwiches are a perfectly acceptable supper idea. Their bedroom has become my ‘catch-all’ room for the past year and half, because yes, we really felt like they’d be home long before now so we made space for them way back when. And I’m going to need to be able to cut their hair! Purchase hair clippers – add that to the list. What are they going to wear? And dear Lord help me figure out our laundry system. (I’m all ears if any of you have any great systems in place for large families!!) So. Real. And I love it. I really do. But…. GAH! Did I mention it’s SO. REAL?

There have been a few verses I’ve clung too throughout this process. In July it will have been FOUR YEARS since John met these two ‘Littles’. We’ve missed out on too much. They’ve missed out on too much. Adoption is hard. It really is. It breaks my heart that its even necessary. But, I will tell you that it is worth it. Absolutely worth it.

This verse... Seriously!
This verse… Seriously!

And here’s a fun little tidbit, and one of the many ways that God has shown Himself present in this journey… In September of 2013 (Just 3 months after our paperwork officially arrived in Haiti), I really felt a strong desire to join a bible study group. A local church (not even my own) advertised one in our local paper and I just showed up. Turns out it was a 3 year study (we took the summers off). And these ladies… I tell ya, they have been terrific prayer warriors for us and for these boys. Constantly. And you know what? I’ve read the Bible more in the past three years than I ever have! When I am sad, when I feel impatient, when I am frustrated and just down right MAD that this process takes SO long. When I feel especially grateful, when I feel happy, when I’m not really ‘feeling’ anything… I go to the Word. Maybe THAT is what I needed to learn through this. He knows what He’s doing and he’s got all the answers for us in that big, beautiful book if we just take the time to LEARN and KNOW it. And it’s kinda perfect that the study wraps up this May – at the same time we should be going to bring these boys home. A God wink, ya think? Yes. I’m confident of this.

Much love to ALL of you who have been following our journey and offering prayers and encouraging words!  I love you SO!

All my best,


Three Tools to Make Your Fundraiser Sharable

Three Tools To Make Your Fundraiser Shareable

Three Tools To Make Your Fundraiser ShareableDo you ever wonder how to make your fundraiser more shareable on Facebook?

We are going to share a few secrets with you. Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone (but, really, please do!)

There are tools (that are free!) to keep your platform engaged with your cause.  We have found that images are the most engaging type of content on all social media platforms.  Images are easier for your audience to consume than text and make it easier for your supporters to share with their friends.

Not feeling talented in the graphic design area? That’s okay.  Here are THREE basic tools to get your audience engaged with your fundraiser:

  1.     Canva – https://www.canva.com

Our favorite easy and user friendly design tool.  This tool makes the top of our list because it has templates for pretty much anything you would want to create to support your cause.  Everything from Facebook to blog headers to infographics.  Plus, they have tons of free images to use (if you search for them).

Canva Creation
Example of a Canva Creation









  1.     ReciteThis – http://recitethis.com

Create original quotes with a few clicks.  Now this is getting fun.  Another way to get your audience engaged is to inspire them.  Have a favorite quote?  Create something to share with them. You could even use this to thank the people who have supported your cause thus far by tagging them in your post.

ReciteThis Creation
Example of a ReciteThis creation










  1.     Imgflip Meme Generator – https://imgflip.com/memegenerator

Create original meme’s that relate to your cause.  Who doesn’t love a good meme?  One more way to get the conversation going or to keep it going.  It only takes a few minutes and you have given your supporters another way to share your cause.

Imgflip Creation
Example of an imgflip creation










There you have it.  Three more ways to get your audience engaged with your fundraiser.  Still feeling overwhelmed with how to get started? Contact One Mission Fundraising today and let’s change the world together.


Jessie Lowe is a contributing author to One Mission Fundraising. Jessie is a Believer, Mama, Truth Teller, Yoga Teacher, Community Builder.

One Mission vs GoFundMe, Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Comparison of Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo and One Mission

With so many crowdfunding options out there, how do you know which one is right for you?  We tried to break it down to the basics, give you the low-down, and really make it pretty simple.


  • Specialty:  None.  Anyone can utilize GoFundMe for any cause or purpose.

  • Description:  GoFundMe aims to help people raise money for personal causes, whatever those may be.  They encourage campaign owners to share their fundraising link with family and friends on social media and keep their donors updated on their progress.

  • Contributor Benefits:  Donors might receive updates from their beneficiaries and are able to give cash donations to people that they care about.

  • Project Length:  There is no time limit for GoFundMe campaigns; the creator of a campaign can choose to set a time limit if they’d like, and make their campaign operate under the “all or nothing” model.

  • Fees:  GoFundMe collects 5% of a campaign’s total profit.  There is an additional 2.9% fee for payment processing.


  • Specialty:  Creative projects; best for artists and designers.

  • Description:  Kickstarter is geared towards assisting emerging artists to finance new products and endeavors.  Kickstarter operates on an “all or nothing” model, which means that the designated fundraising goal must be met by the end of the project length in order to claim the money.  If the goal is not met, the supporters of the project are not charged and the project receives no money.

  • Contributor Benefits:  People who back a project on Kickstarter are often rewarded a copy of what the money goes towards making, such as a CD or book; rewards vary based on each individual project.

  • Project Length:  Projects can last for a maximum of 60 days, but Kickstarter recommends running a project for 30 days for ideal results.

  • Fees:  5% of collected funds go to Kickstarter; and additional 3-5% goes towards payment processing fees.


  • Specialty:  None.  Projects are split into three categories: Creative, Entrepreneurial and Non-Profit.

  • Description:  Indiegogo is a platform for anyone who has an idea or project that they would like help funding.  Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo involves  both a fundraising goal and a deadline.  However, campaign runners can keep the funds they raise in the allotted time even if they don’t meet their goal.

  • Contributor Benefits:  Many Indiegogo campaigns will offer perks to those who contribute certain amounts of money.  Perks are decided on by the owners of the campaigns and can be anything from actual objects to a simple thank you.

  • Project Length:  The maximum length of an Indiegogo campaign is 60 days.

  • Fees:  Indiegogo collects 4% of a campaign’s total profit if the goal is met.  If the goal is not met they collect 9% of the total profit.  There is an additional 3% fee for payment processing.

One Mission Fundraising

Let us introduce you to a better alternative.  One Mission Fundraising is the ONLY site that provides both crowdfunding (ZERO platform fees) and product fundraising.  And a huge benefit is that, often, supporters will do both cash donations and purchase products (oftentimes over and over), contributing to your cause all along the way.

  • Specialty:  Good causes.  These can include mission trips, adoptions, medical causes, non-profits, athletic teams, fine arts, and many others.

  • Description:  One Mission is a business that helps worthy causes raise the money they need.  Donors can give a cash donation or purchase one of the many great products available on their website.  All product management and shipping goes directly through One Mission, and 40% of every product purchase goes to the One Mission fundraiser of the donor’s choice.

  • Contributor Benefits:  One Mission products are high-quality and sustainable.  Donors can either keep the products they purchase for themselves or use them as gifts for family and friends.

  • Project Length:  Organizers can choose how long they want their fundraisers to run for; they can be either captioned or continuous.

  • Fees:  There is a ZERO platform fee on all cash donations (which a big differentiation over the other three crowdfunding platforms).  The only charge is the standard credit card processing fees, which are 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.  Learn more about how fees impact a campaign, and how One Mission Fundraising works.

Comparison of Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo and One Mission

 So, what are you waiting for?

How to See Facebook Posts and Updates

Posts and Updates

See Our Facebook PostsSo you’ve liked our page or one of our fundraisers pages on Facebook … you’d think that since you’ve told Facebook that you liked a page – your expectation would likely be that you would see the posts in your newsfeed. Surprise … according to Facebook for Business:

“Pages organically reach about 16% of their fans on average. To make sure your fans see your stories, sponsor your posts to increase the reach of your content.”

That stinks 🙁

So…a way to see the posts of business and fan pages that you like is to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the page that you want to show up in your feed. (You may have to search for it in your Search Facebook bar)

  • Click the “Liked” drop down at the bottom of the profile banner



  • Select “Posts in News Feed” from the drop down list



  • Select “See First” to have this page prioritized in your news feed



  • And if you want even more…Get a notification each time the page posts:

  • Select “Notifications”

  • Choose “All Posts” (or the type of posts you want to receive)



  • You’ll be alerted of your notifications here


Need to know how to do this on Facebook mobile? Here’s a quick tutorial:

Facebook Mobile

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